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AbM Engineering, LLC

AbM was conceived out of necessity, to respond to repeated requests for consultations. My first client was my employer, from which I had just resigned. My new company represented a nimble and flexible entity they could work with and that could respond to an ever-changing scope with speed and reliability.


The company slowly morphed into a valuable resource for large multinationals - to augment their teams or tap into a fresh point of view unincumbered by the internal school of thought - as well as small companies who need the expertise but on a part time basis. Attorneys looking for expert witnesses in the field became a regular occurence.


Capabilities range from research and report writing (to rebutt other expert witness reports or invalidate a patent) to full component design (such as an axial compressor). They also include training, design, design systems, trouble shooting, and of course, consulting. AbM also retains a large network of experts; we don't know everything, but we know where to find it.


Lastly, I always get asked about the name. It is a modified acronym from the initials of a famous Egyptian saint from the 4th century - St. Makarius, a contemporary of St. Anthony the great. He is well known for his miracles, being the spiritual father for many monks and for his writings on the Holy Spirit.

Our Team
Magdy Attia, PhD, President and Chief Engineer | cell: (+1) 386.235.5855

Magdy received his PhD from Texas A&M in 1995 in Mechanical Engineering. His research focused on developing an engine analysis tool capable of design and off-design performance prediction calculations including violent transients such as load loss and trips. His analysis led to several publications and was funded by NASA-Lewis (currently NASA-Glenn).


He then joined the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Orlando as an engineer in the Advanced Engine Development group responsible for compressor and turbine aero and thermodynamics. He progressed to Senior Engineer and remained in his post during the acquisition by Siemens. While at Westinghouse he was team lead for the design of the 501F compressor upgrade, later renamed the 501FD. He received the George Westinghouse Signature Award for Excellence in 1997 and published one patent.


While with Siemens, he continued in his role. He later transitioned to the Methods group responsible for developing design and analysis tools for the compressor section. during this phase he was also responsible for training manuals and he traveled often to conduct training.


In 2003 Magdy resigned to pursue his dream of academia and started AbM in response to repeated inquiries for consulting. At Embry-Riddle University he started the Gas Turbine Lab with over $2.8M in research expenditures, focused on advanced engine design, lean engineering, and engine-aircraft integration research. He progressed to full professor with tenure in 2011. He will assume the role of Associate Chair responsible for the graduate program in the fall of 2016.


At AbM the scope of the work has been nothing short of amanzing. We've had clients from the large multinationals to small companies who needed a full engineering division. We join with our clients and become their right arm when it comes to all engineering functions. From Beijing, to Taipei, to Serbia, the south of France, and Germany, we represent our clients interest and put our vast experience, which extends beyond the technical to the cultural realms.


At AbM we are also developing the next generation of gearbox technology, called the "QDrive". This device promises to revolutionize transmission as we know it. We are currently focused on the wind turbine market but it has applications everywhere. We are looking for investors and are willing to give equity, but we don't just want money, we want smart money. This isn't like "shark tank".


It has been an amazing adventure thus far and I am happy to say that we continue to deliver everything we promise and more.


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