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AbM Engineering, LLC

AbM was conceived out of necessity, to respond to repeated requests for consultations. My first client was my employer, from which I had just resigned. My new company represented a nimble and flexible entity they could work with and that could respond to an ever-changing scope with speed and reliability.

The company slowly morphed into a valuable resource for large multinationals - to augment their teams or tap into a fresh point of view unincumbered by the internal school of thought - as well as small companies who need the expertise but on a part time basis. Attorneys looking for expert witnesses in the field became a regular occurence.

Capabilities range from research and report writing (to rebutt other expert witness reports or invalidate a patent) to full component design (such as an axial compressor). They also include training, design, design systems, trouble shooting, and of course, consulting. AbM also retains a large network of experts; we don't know everything, but we know where to find it.

Lastly, I always get asked about the name. It is a modified acronym from the initials of a famous Egyptian saint from the 4th century - St. Makarius, a contemporary of St. Anthony the great. He is well known for his miracles, being the spiritual father for many monks and for his writings on the Holy Spirit.

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Magdy Attia, PhD

President and Chief Engineer

Magdy Attia attended Texas A&M University, receiving his BS in Aerospace Engineering in 1988, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 1991, followed by a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1995. His research area focused on gas turbine engines design, analysis, and performance prediction. He then joined the Westinghouse Electric Corporation as a senior engineer in the Advanced Engine Development group. In 1998, Westinghouse was acquired by Siemens, AG, and Attia continued in his role. In 2003, Attia started his consulting practice and in 2004 he joined the faculty of Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, FL, as an assistant professor in the Aerospace Engineering Department, teaching and conducting funded research with a focus on jet propulsion. He attained the rank of full professor in 2011 and was promoted to Associate Chair in 2016, with responsibility for the graduate program. He retired from the University in 2022, but still maintains a strong presence in the consulting arena.

While at Westinghouse and Siemens, Attia engaged in aerodynamic and thermodynamic design of rotating components (compressors and turbines), and was lead engineer for the upgrade of the 501F compressor. He also developed an advanced method for analyzing compressors, that was later adopted as a design method, named the Viscous Method. This led to the design of the most efficient power generation compressor to date (at 93.5% polytropic efficiency). Attia also used this method to test, validate, as well as troubleshoot various engine components.

At the University, Attia taught and conducted funded research in the area of jet propulsion. He founded and led the Gas Turbine Lab, with 25 Master theses awarded, as well as $2.8M in research expenditures. Attia currently boasts former students in every major aerospace company around the globe (aviation, jet propulsion, and space) in roles such as directors, managers, fellow engineers, technical fellows, lead engineers, engineers, as well as startup founders, CEOs, and 4 professors.

Attia has been engaged in engineering consulting since 2003, with clients ranging from large multinationals, the DoD, airliners, to attorneys, and small and medium enterprises. His consulting firm, AbM Engineering, LLC, has been engaged in cases including: IP litigation, tort litigation (4 aviation crashes), advanced missile propulsion, engine component design, troubleshooting of faulty engine warnings, re-engine of a VLJ, development of a new type of gearbox, and many more.

Attia is originally from Alexandria, Egypt, but has been living in the US for 40+ years. He is married and has two sons. He currently lives with his wife, and cat, in Jonestown, Texas.

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