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Gas Turbine Engines

Extensive consulting expertise in land based gas turbine engines for propulsion (turbofan and turbojet), and power generation applications. This includes operation, design issues, design systems, trouble shooting, and performance shortfall.

Expert Witness Services

From aircraft crashes to patent invalidation, we offer our expertise in engine technology and performance. We've helped our clients overcome false claims and rebutted other experts successfully. We work with your attorney to deliver success.

Intellectual Property

Your IP is your most important asset. Is it well protected? Is it well managed? Is someone infringing or do you wish to challenge someone else's patent? I work with your attorney to maximize your return on your IP investment.

Axial Compressors & Turbines

A to Z expertize in axial compressor and turbine design, performance, design methods, prediction, or training for your team. From conceptual design to 3D CFD to hot-cold conversions, we can help you develop your tools or use ours. If you need a quick and reliable infusion of expertise, AbM is the place to call.

Lean Engineering

The last frontire when it comes to lean and organizational effectiveness. Most consultants don't speak the language of engineers and won't succeed when trying to work woth them. We offer custom training for your engineers in lean tools. After all, this is the biggest driver of profittability in your organization.

The QDrive

AbM is developing the next generation gearbox. We offer a customized design for your application from concept to a manufactured part ready for plug and play. Contact us with your specifics for a quote.

Need more? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, or email.

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